JIRA to MS Project plugin

MS Project plugin for Jira integration


If you manage multiple projects and multiple teams, using the JIRA system you might meet with the difficulties to analyze the workload of all the participants and to evaluate the versions release deadline. Perhaps, you want tasks to be lined up in a connected chain for each employee based on all estimates and dependencies between tasks. Also, do not forget that someone is planning to go on vacation, and also holidays should be taken into account. What could be better and more convenient than the Gantt chart? And since we are talking about the Gantt chart, what could be better than MS Project.

The plug-in allows by definite rules to import issues from JIRA to MS Project. As a result, the tasks from JIRA are visualized in the form of a Gantt chart, taking into account the dependencies between them, taking into account the staff availability (a partial workload, vacation, holidays, etc.).
The beta version includes the following features:

  • rules settings of JIRA issues downloading;
  • manage the dependencies between tasks;
  • ability to import tasks from multiple versions and multiple projects;
  • versions and projects prioritization (actually JIRA doesn’t have such a definition as “project or version priority”);
  • the resources availability accounting (vacations and part-time), as well as accounting holidays;
  • in the near future to realize the possibility of saving sections of plans for various time points for further comparing them with each other and dynamic analysis by projects.

DOWNLOAD jimp_setup_v1.3.1